Area 52

  • Health and Body/Education
9121 Atlanta Ave #9262
Huntington Beach, CA 92646
(949) 981-8669
  • About

    To understand how good Area 52 really is, you have to know what it does to make its health drinks so good. Before anything else, the brand uses only organically grown cannabis, which can be found exclusively in the United States. Moreover, the company offers customers special offers such as free sample products, so that consumers will be encouraged to try out these great new health drinks. The special offers do not end there; in addition to these special offers, the brand uses a large number of delta-8 THC and CBD extracts to make its products as effective as possible.

    Apart from offering consumers special offers, Area 52 also offers consumers access to the most powerful and potent of edible cannabis oils. This is why the brand has been able to dominate the entire market for edible oils. Even though the market is very competitive, the company is making sure that consumers will keep coming back to buy their products. A very important characteristic of Area 52 cigarettes and tinctures is the fact that they are produced in the most superior facilities. These factors make sure that consumers are getting only the finest quality in smoking stuff.