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About Us

The Arkansas Human Development Corporation (AHDC) is a state-wide private non-profit corporation, that provides workforce development, health outreach and education and economic development services. Our purpose for joining the Phillips County Chamber of Commerce is to collaborate with business and industry as we implement the National Farmworker Jobs Program (NFJP). The NFJP is a U.S. Department of Labor funded program, whose purpose is two fold: train or retrain seasonally employed agricultural workers and their dependents for fulltime positions within the agricultural industry; or train and equip seasonally employed or unemployed agricultural workers, often referred to as farmworkers, for jobs outside agriculture. Training may be provided at local colleges, such as community colleges or technical schools, or through private training agreements with private and public and employers, where the NFJP shares the cost of training or pays the entire cost of training. If training is conducted in a college setting, the NFJP will pay the full cost of tuition, books and supplies, provide a stipend for each hour of training and assist with the purchase of tools and uniforms. All cost is after